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Albino United

“The pitch we booked at the Gymkhana is waterlogged,” says Tim Clarke, head of the EU delegation in Tanzania. “We’ve got a match planned between a team of ambassadors and a team of albinos and now we’ve nowhere to play. Can we work together?”

Albinos, Tim tells us, are one of the most discriminated-against groups in Tanzania — so much so that they are often killed in ritual sacrifices because it is considered by many to be good luck to have a piece of an albino in the family home. Shuddering at this thought, Blaise offers the pitch at the Uhuru Stadium as a substitute venue for the game.

Albino United are ready for kickoffAlbino United are ready for kickoff

Albino United, dressed in an all white strip, take to the pitch. Facing them is the team of ambassadors, looking less than confident — there’s no diplomatic immunity on the football field — but still up for the challenge.

Albino United play the game diplomaticallyAlbino United play the game diplomatically

Straight from the kick-off, it’s clear that the diplomats are outclassed on the pitch, and the crowd cheer overwhelmingly for Albino United. But the ambassadors are honourable in their attitude to their inevitable defeat. Today is not about them, but about their opposition, who match the diplomats with their grace in victory.

The EU Flames and Albino United, unitedThe EU Flames and Albino United, united

Written by on Saturday, May 29th, 2010

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  1. i have just watched your tv programme and you guys are the most respected people i have seen. you are so brave in the face of danger, i wish you well for the future good luck in all you do. regards John.

  2. I just watched the television program about your team and its mission. I’ve also read about the terrible atrocities committed against people with albinism. I felt so saddened by these things that have been happening in Tanzania.

    I was so gladdened and happy to see your team play so hard with so much courage.

    Thank you to each and everyone of you for all of your courageous efforts in combating ignorance, for risking your own lives to create change!

    I wish you well in your work and in your lives!

    Ms. Alcock

  3. Suzette Zablon Mgomi August 25, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    I too have been touched by your teams plight in fighting for education of those around you. I have searched for your coach john Haula contact information and a website but have not succeded, I am hoping this will reach atleast one of you so that you may return contact me and my family, as we may be able to help you in a few ways, those in my family( whose home coutry is Tanzania) are excited and eager to help you all. We are very proud of you although we are far away you should know that there are people around the world who believe in you and want to help.

  4. i think you are brave to go to places for people to support you guys. i give you all the support go albinos united you rule

  5. jacob mwinula-captain of team March 7, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    hello our friend. It is too late but we appriaciate your thanks for us. This scandal is so nomartives for us. We need your coorporation in this battle against killings of albino. Written by jacob mwinula. Albino united team captain and cordinator.

  6. […] group of Tanzania’s albino men created a football club, which is  called Albino United, in order to draw attention to the […]

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