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The Ball: Football’s Olympic Torch

The Ball 2014

The Ball is a symbol of tradition, fair play and respect and a celebration of football’s capacity to bring people together all over the world.

New Model Army’s “Beautiful Game”

A Social Ball with a Mission

Watch the Spirit of Football and Pledgeball presentation at the UN’s COP26 conference in Glasgow to find out more about The Ball’s mission.

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Team Talk from Jürgen Klopp

People often ask if we have a spare ball in case we lose the one we are carrying. “No,” we reply, “there is only One Ball and only One World, and we have to look after both.”

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Working with Football Clubs

Many clubs are helping us fight for equality, education and tolerance in Germany, Brazil and around the world.

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Our Education Programme

The Ball relays positive social messages at schools and NGOs through storytelling, video, slideshows and physical activity.

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