The Ball 2022-2023

People often ask if we have a spare ball in case we lose the one we are carrying. No, we reply, there is only One Ball and only One World, and we have to look after both.

The Ball – football’s equivalent to the Olympic Torch – has been kicked by Spirit of Football to 5 FIFA World Cups, visited 50+ countries and inspired more than 50,000 people.

Our goal is to tackle the most pertinent challenges facing societies and the planet using the unifying power of football in education and advocacy. For the first time, we are travelling to the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

On the way to New Zealand and Australia Spirit of Football is

  • Delivering creative and team-oriented sustainability workshops.
  • Connecting people who are passionate about football and the planet.
  • Taking action to tackle climate change and gender inequality across the world.
  • Encouraging more actions to protect the beautiful game and the earth-ball we live on.

“One Ball, One World”

The Story So Far

  • 80 Partners
  • 51 Events
  • 744,689 kg/year CO2e savings pledged