The Ball in Istanbul

Event Details

FES Turkey, which continues its activities in a wide range of fields including Democracy and Human Rights, Labor and Social Justice, Foreign Policy, Regional Cooperation and Peace, has been trying to combat the climate crisis in all fields of work, especially labor and social justice in recent years. The starting point of the “One Ball, One World Turkey stop-off 2022” project, which is among these projects of FES Turkey is SOF’s The Ball 2022 event.

Istanbul is one of the important stops of SOF’s journey that will start from England in July to raise awareness on climate action. In this context, FES Turkey, which will undertake the hosting and organisation of the SOF program to be held in Istanbul, wishes to cooperate with Yuvam Dünya Association, one of Turkey’s leading non-governmental organisations in this field, with the suggestion of SOF. It is thought that the experience and communication network of Yuvam Dünya Association in this field will contribute greatly to the project.