Since Kick Off in July 2022, The Ball 2022/23 has had the pleasure of meeting over 4000 people on its journey to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia.

Here is what some of them have to say:


  • Ioannis Konstantopoulos

    Founder and CEO of The Sports Footprint 07/10/2022

    I am the founder and CEO of The Sports Footprint which is a start-up based in Greece and what we are doing aims to help sport organisations on their way towards a more sustainable future. We perceive this as a very, very important thing because sport is the best platform to engage with people around sustainability.​

  • James Reeves

    Football Beyond Borders 12/07/2022

    The climate pledge that we at Football Beyond Borders are making is that all of our investments going forward will be made with green sustainability ideas in mind. We are trying to reduce our emissions by providing group travel to residencies and trips to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Jenny Wilkes

    Chair of Wolverhampton Wanderers Women’s Football Club​ 08/07/2023

    It isn’t women’s football. It is football. It is football for everyone: girls, women, whatever age you are, whatever ability, whatever ethnicity. It is brilliant that this ball is going all around the world spreading the word about football for everyone. One Ball, One World.

  • Mary Phillip

    Former England Women's Captain​ 09/07/2022

    I won the quadruple with Arsenal. It is still the only footballing team male or female to do that, and it shows that women can achieve things that men are still striving to do. The Ball is putting a statement out there. The way the Women’s Game is growing and is continuing to grow and that The Ball is going to the Women’s World Cup is also recognition of how far the women’s game is being recognised on a level playing field.​

  • Zakarina Ajala

    Sustainable Development Assistant for Leyton Orient Trust and Football Club

    I studied environmental sustainability in my bachelors and my masters but I never thought about working in sport. The workshop today has really shown me how influential sport and football can be in terms of environmental sustainability and tackling climate change.​