Make a Pledge

If the 50,000 people who have signed The Ball since 2002 went vegan for just two days a week, that would save 22,350,000 kg/CO2e emissions which is the equivalent of taking over 4470 petrol cars off the road.

There are many sustainable actions which each one of us can pledge to take – ranging from washing at 30°C to growing one’s own vegetable garden to halving or eliminating meat consumption or using public transport. We understand a ‘pledge’ as a record of the change that we are about to make which will have a positive impact on the environment.

Find out who has pledged already and get inspired:


  • I pledge

    I have done pretty much everything I can do. I‘ve been in green energy for more than a quarter century, i built an electric car and a national network of charging points, I own a green football club. I make plant based school dinners, I have created the school curriculum themed entirely on sustainability, I make diamonds from atmospheric carbon. I am vegan. I think that‘s the biggest thing anybody can do for the planet right now. One Ball, One World.​

    Dale Vince

    Owner of Ecotricity & Chairman/Owner of Forest Green Rovers


  • I pledge

    We have now pledged to reduce the number of kits that we use in the course of a season, and we will be keeping our kits for two years instead of one year.​

    Danny King

    Epping Youth Football Club, London​


  • I pledge

    Today we are giving away 250 bottles to eradicate plastic so that people reuse and recycle them to limit the amount of single use plastics.

    Dawn Georgeson

    Dawn Georgeson


  • I pledge

    I have made pledges to reduce my meat consumption. I am trying not to drive alone by carpooling all the time, and to reduce my single use plastics to make my own personal impact.

    Erin Maron

    Senior studying Environmental Science and Sustainability at the University of Notre Dame, Student Athlete and Member of EcoAthletes


  • I pledge

    I pledge to shower under five minutes everyday.

    George Timms

    Author The Sustainability Report


  • I pledge

    We endorse climate action, fair play and gender equality. Our pledge is to empower women through the various football sessions that we put on and to build strength in women’s football.​

    Liam French

    Tranmere Rovers in the Community​


  • I pledge

    I make sustainable travel choices and live on a mainly plant based diet. But the one area I can improve: I really like to buy sneakers. So my pledge is to reduce my consumerism and to not buy another pair of sneakers for at least one year.

    Mathew Campelli

    Founder and Editor of The Sustainability Report


  • I pledge

    My pledge is to go vegetarian.

    Will Willis

    Director of Environmental Initiatives at Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania


Want to join our global movement and make your actions visible?

You can register your pledge(s) by choosing your organisation’s ‘pledge event’ or by making a stand-alone pledge below.

We have found that committing to such shifts is easier and can be a lot of fun when doing it together (or competing) with friends, family and colleagues.

That is why we have partnered with Pledgeball, a research-driven organisation that rallies football fans to bring about change to help to preserve our planet. Pledgeball is accompanying The Ball, garnering climate pledges from The Ball’s signatories from kick-off and all along the way, highlighting the significant impact the football community can have through their individual and collective choices.

Together, we want to make climate actions happening across the world visible through our global Map of Action.