Who Are We?

Spirit of Football is an award-winning non-profit organisation focusing on education and advocacy. The Ball has been the DNA of our organisation since 2002. We aim to offer an alternative story of football – one of #fairplay, #respect and #teamwork.

At Spirit of Football we believe in the integrative power of football to bring people together and demonstrate this in our work everyday. We have been running programmes on a regional, national and international level using football as a tool to tackle the most pertinent challenges facing societies and the planet for 20 years.

Our work has focused on the integration of migrants and refugees in Germany, Jordan, Turkey and Greece. Since 2010 we have collaborated with Special Olympics in 30 countries to use football to include intellectually challenged people. We have been working in schools and communities since 2005, focusing on fairness and respect to develop a more tolerant, more open and fairer society under the motto of One Ball, One World.