Football Beyond Borders – Allstar Match

Ceylon Hickmann invited Spirit of Football and The Ball to Football Beyond Borders HQ in Brixton. “We’re really looking forward to tomorrow. If you guys arrive for 9ish, we can promise some breakfast and general good vibes, with the game… [Read More]

It is Football, not women’s football!

A full house at Brentford. A sell-out. TV crews from around the world. A summer night’s football dream. High professional flowing football. Two vastly different styles. Germany: big and strong and disciplined and lightning quick and efficient on the counter… [Read More]

The Ball meets Eva Schloss – Auschwitz survivor

Spirit of Football’s USA Ambassador Karli Stenger and her 3 children, joined our team, to meet Eva Schloss, MBE, – Holocaust survivor and Anne Frank’s step sister. This is what it meant to her: “During our vacation in Europe this… [Read More]

One Ball, One World Challenge in London

London, so they say in London at least, is the most multicultural city on earth. As a matter of fact, one-third of all Londoners are foreign-born, and over 200 languages are spoken throughout its many neighbourhoods. We decided to put… [Read More]


The Maori word Aroha means love, compassion, respect and empathy. The Ball represents all of these. And it was truly a kick-off of The Ball, its 6th, that did justice to all of these words.

Pre-kick-off climate action with Peckham Town FC

The Ball was hosted by Peckham Town FC in London on the eve of kick-off for their pre-season friendly against Enfield Borough, which they won 3-2 in sweltering conditions. “The Ball is putting a statement out there” said former England Captain Mary Phillip.

The Ball starts again

After four long years of strained waiting and preparation, the time has come again. The Ball is going on its sixth journey around the world. This time it is all about “climate action”.