Day 2 at Sport Positive

Todays not so surprising take away: whether you are a professional athlete, a club representative, a fan or not into sports at all – the majority of the population is concerned about climate change.

Meeting old and new friends at Wembley

London St Pancras International: The Ball is coming back to where its journey began on 10 July 2022, ready to meet old friends and make new ones.

The Ball in… Paris?

Join The Ball on it’s adventurous way to the first ever Sport Positive Summit!

Tek Top, Tek Dünya

The next day, we arrived at the event location Hope Alcazar, had some coffee and prepared everything for our roundtables. Here, in small groups, we took a closer look at specific aspects related to football and sustainability: 1) transportation, 2)… [Read More]

Hurray Workshop-day!

It’s workshop day!  After a quick breakfast, Pinar, Elliot, Benni and Jenny headed to the workshop location Hope Alcazar, a very historical building and former movie theatre which is now used for all kinds of events. We had a very… [Read More]

The Balls arrival in Turkey

Day 1 of The Ball’s visit to Turkey and we already met Istanbuls mayor. Read more about The Balls adventures in this blog posts!

Equal Playing Field (EPF) – Equality Summit

EPF’s partnership with SoF is based on our shared values for fair play and gender equality in football, and a global perspective that is built on a foundation of local grassroots activities that have a positive social impact. Spirit was… [Read More]

The Ball is lost and then found

We were invited to bring The Ball to the EPF Equality Summit dinner, hosted by Kings College of London on the rooftop of an 8th story building near Covent Garden, with a stunning view of London’s skyline. The Ball shines… [Read More]

Sheffield: Talk The Ball on TalkSport

The Ball and the Gender Equality Ball came together in Sheffield at the Football Supporters Association (FSA) organised fan event for the Free Lionesses, the England Women’s Supporters group on arguably the biggest match in the history of women’s football in England.

Whitehawk FC

On Sunday, The Ball was taken to a very special place: Whitehawk Football Club, a semi-professional club in East Brighton. Why is that place so special?