Trained female trainers working with young girls using SoF's art method "Spirit of Whispers" in Jordan in 2018.

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Football under the Climate Microscope

SoF will conduct workshops worldwide within the education project “One Ball, One World – Football for Climate Action” and will be active on 6 continents and in over 50 countries. The aim is to make existing climate protection measures in football (and beyond) visible and to inspire and support the development and implementation of concrete, locally relevant strategies for climate protection through creative, team-oriented, participatory methods. Our target groups are employees, trainers and volunteers from clubs and other social and sporting institutions, fans and members of football clubs and citizens who want to actively contribute to climate protection. SoF is also developing a catalog of methods that contains both digital and analogue educational modules and links the topic of climate protection with fair play and gender equality.

Youngsters in Germany taking part in the “Where do you Play” module of SoF’s FairPlay Future workshop.

Goals of the workshops:

  • Participants, motivated by something they are intrinsically passionate about (football for example), create an emotional connection between climate change and their own everyday lives.
  • Participants learn through creative methods what the football community is already doing and/or could do in relation to sustainability.
  • Participants get inspiration for individual and collective climate action that benefits themselves, their club and the (football) community as a whole.
  • Participants experience themselves as a vital part of a meaningful and effective action group.
A Workshop at the company Derbystar in 2018
All hand on The Ball: A SoF Workshop at the company Derbystar en route from London to Moscow in 2018

Together with partners, supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation and the FIFA Foundation, we are untertaking collective workshop module development:

  • With Football for Future (FFF) we have developed the education module “Football under the Climate Microscope”. The prototype is ready for testing on The Ball’s journey.
  • With our Climate Action Partner Pledgeball we have integrated the Pledgeball mechanism into an education module. More information coming soon.
  • With our Gender Equality Partner Equal Playing Field we are devleoping an education module on Football + Gender Equality and Climate. This module is in development.
  • With partners from our Network Partner Common Goal we are developing a Global Pledge list. The proptype is ready for testing.
  • With our Indigenous Peoples Ambassador Valeree Nolasco and our partner organisation the International Indiegenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB), we are developing an education module on what Football can learn from Indigenous Peoples in terms of sustainability.

Stay tuned for education updates!

One Ball, One World!