The Ball in Malaysia: 7th to 14th of May

Malaysia is country 15 for The Ball en route to New Zealand and Australia and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup


Johor Bahru – 7th of May:

Iris visiting friends (05/07/2023)

Port Dickinson – 7th to 9th of May:

Arrival (05/07/2023)

Celebrating Hari Raya (05/08/2023)

Travel to Kuala Lumpur (05/09/2023)

Kuala Lumpur – 10th to 14th of May:

Arrival (05/10/2023)

Workshop at MAHSA University (05/11/2023-05/12/2023)

Visit to PJ Eco Recycling Plaza and Hara Makers (05/14/2023)

Preparing + Travel to Indonesia (05/15/2023)


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