Helping hands help The Ball get around the world

Richard Thomas with The Ball in Singapore

Helping Hands Help The Ball Around The World:

The Ball and Spirit of Football would be nothing without many thousands of helping hands across the world in more than 60 countries who have helped make our social football projects and ball-journeys happen. Countless people have hosted The Ball team, transported The Ball and supported in-kind in various ways from connecting us to their networks, to organising football matches, to hosting dinners and running events and workshops over the past 20+ years. We at SOF are forever thankful for this support. Richard Thomas is one such person.

Richard, upon hearing that The Ball, and his old friend & SOF co-founder Andrew Aris, would be visiting Singapore, did all he could to support the journey. Thanks for the interesting talks about gender equality and sustainability Richard, and thanks too for pledging in the presence of a colleague of yours as a team leader at your company Telstra:

Richard Thomas with The Ball in Singapore

My pledge is that I will only work for the remainder of my career for organisations that take sustainability seriously. Like (my employer) Telstra.

For more information about Telstra’s Carbon Footprint reduction commitment click here.

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