Indochina Starfish Foundation

SOF were connected to ISF (a non-profit football-for-good organisation) by George Springboard from our mutual partner, the football-for-good network organisation, Common Goal. For several months we had been meeting online to coordinate two workshops in Phnom Penh with their team. What a great team they are — Vicheka, Samedy and Boran and the rest of the staff have left a lasting positive impression on us.

Indochina Starfish Foundation Director Vicheka Chourp

I pledge to 100% reduce our use of single-use plastic in our two schools and our sports grounds and in the two communities where we work.

ISF Director Vicheka Chourp

10 ISF coaches took part in our 2-day workshop. As the workshop began, we knew who they were by the t-shirts they were wearing with ISF logos on them, but they stood out to us anyway. It was clear that they were ambassadors of the football-for-good community. We felt very comfortable working with them, as we all speak the same language: football-for-good.

We found out too that they are ahead of the game in many respects. In terms of sustainability, they aim to run a plastic free programme. Children receive reusable water bottles. Staff are even fined for bringing plastic to work. The schools they have founded take in orphans, street kids, other impoverished children and school drop-outs and use football to give these youngsters the opportunity to get back on track and have a better chance in life. Sven Söderberg, CEO of Spirit of Football, has dreamt of Spirit also having such a school in Germany one day.

Right now, we can only take our hats off to ISF and aim to emulate them in many respects.

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