Football for All in Hue!

Football for All Vietnam and Spirit of Football are both members of the Common Goal football for good network. Many months ago George Springborg (Head of Community & Programmes at Common Goal), Heng and Phan Thị Thu Hương, Head of Program and Life skills Department at Football for All Vietnam (FFAV) attended our workshop in Hanoi for three days. Afterwards, we were invited by them to their HQ in Hue to meet their team, and watch and participate in two of their projects at football clubs they have formed.

The first visit to a FFAV training took place in the afternoon of 14.3. It was to a special art centre, where intellectually disadvantaged children and youth are taught and where regular football activities take place. We were joined by their coach Vo Quoc Thinh, who translated The Ball’s key messages into a kind of simple sign language for the children, the majority of whom are deaf.

After some tricky moments, the younger children eventually came to understand what we were doing there with The Ball. The youth, watching on at this stage, later joined us for a FairPlay football game. Usually they play a match against a team of teachers. We insisted that the teams of kids and teachers be mixed together. The result was a beautiful game of FairPlay football, of the highest order. Respect, teamwork and a lot of fun was on the menu. Afterwards, everyone came together to sign The Ball.

The Ball goes back to School

As our team arrived at Hai Thuong Primary & Secondary School, Hai Lang District after being on the road for 2 hours from Hue, we were not sure what to expect. Our hosts from Football for All Vietnam had kept a few secrets up their sleeves. Stepping out of the car, we were urged to come quickly. There we saw about 200 children, sitting awaiting our arrival. The next 2 hours were a whirlwind. Our partner, Football for All Vietnam, is in the process of guiding education ministries around Vietnam to bring fair and fun football clubs into existence in schools.The clubs are set-up by teachers and parents who both receive training and support from Football for All Vietnam staff.


FFAV’s Vice Director Nguyen Thi Hoa said the students have been inspired by The Ball’s visit:

Today we had a fun football festival with 200 children participating in football activities and our life skills programme. Today was very special because the children got to meet foreigners for the first time and also to meet The Ball and to sign it.

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