Hara Makers and the Recycling Plaza

Lee Yoon signing The Ball
The front of the Recycling Plaza with a mural made from bottle caps

On our last day in Malaysia we visited the PJ ECO Recycling Plaza in the Petaling Jaya district of Kuala Lumpur. There we were given a tour by Lee Yoon, co-founder of Hara Makers, a social enterprise that is upcycling plastics into products such as bags and wallets as well as turning food waste into fertilizers and mosquito repellent as well as providing job opportunities to local people.

Matisha and Iris showing the plastic panel the SOF team made. All plastic panels will be joined to a 30m hot air balloon to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

The LIFE Initiative signing The Ball

The LIFE Initiative pledged:

protect the environment, especially mangroves and  give life to our environment.

The Recycling Plaza also accommodates other environmental initiatives such as LIFE (Life Initiative for Environment) which involves business leaders coming together to support and take part in recycling and climate action. In the plaza there are also many booths educating about things like river pollution, various forms of recycling, and other sustainability topics.

Lee Yoon signed The Ball and pledged “to reimagine plastic to save the planet earth.”

Lee Yoon signing The Ball



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