The Ball in… Paris?

The Ball reflecting on the positive change football can make

For the first time, the Sport Positive Summit bringing together people working in sports and sustainability took place offline in no other venue as Wembley Stadium, London. Obviously, that is not an event that football’s Olympic torch can miss. On Monday, 3.10.2022, Jenny and The Ball took the train all the way to London – at least that is what they thought! If all goes well, it is possible to go from Erfurt to London by train in 10,5 hours. If a freight train breaks down somewhere on the way in front of you and you have to stop indefinitely in Saarbrücken, it might take slightly longer and include a sleepover in Paris. And this sounds more romantic as it actually was. Having made it to a hotel room just before midnight, the adventurous travel group had about 4 hours to get some rest before going all the way back to Paris Gare du Nord where they took the first Eurostar to London in the morning. It goes without saying that, despite all the hurry in the morning, they managed to get the obligatory croissant for breakfast. 😉 

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