It is Football, not women’s football!

The Ball at the EURO match between Germany and Spain

A full house at Brentford. A sell-out. TV crews from around the world. A summer night’s football dream. High professional flowing football. Two vastly different styles. Germany: big and strong and disciplined and lightning quick and efficient on the counter attack. Spain: free flowing, high technical football with creative and quick incisive passing. A tactical duel. A master class. And the fans from both countries in their national colours as well as many neutrals, supporting both countries’ teams. This could have been a report on a Men’s EURO match. But it isn’t. It is the sign of the times. Women’s football is here. Women’s Football is great. But what am I writing here actually? As one advertising banner from a EURO sponsor in the stadium suggests: Not Women’s Football. It is Football. Yes, it is football alright. We were even allowed to bring The Ball into the stadium. Men’s games are often on edge. Plenty of drunken fans. A highly aggressive male dominated football culture and domain. None of that was apparent tonight. This football festival is being supported by many young families in a wonderful, passionate and friendly environment. The Ball just loved it! It got our team even more excited about our journey for equality all the way to the 2023 World Cup in New Zealand and Australia!

Oh yeah, and despite Spain huffing and puffing, Germany won 2-0. 


We had the opportunity to speak with Oliver Bierhoff, former German international, and Moya Dobb, former Australian international who is now a lawyer, as part of the celebrations surrounding the match.

The Ball and Oliver Bierhof


Moya Dodd heads The Ball

Both have become part of our journey and have pledged for climate action!

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