Heads up – it’s a passing game

These Jordanian women played football for the first time in their lives in a SOF workshop in 2019.

As the collaborative force of the original 12 teams of differing cultures and creeds proved as they gathered around a table to decide on the rules of football over 150 years ago, when we give space to our diversity and listen to each other great things can happen. The popularity of football has snowballed ever since.

From street corners to towering stadiums the shouts of players and fans ring out across the globe. Spirit of Football (link) the Community Interest Company that looks after The Ball is calling on this original spirit via its community in Brazil and Germany, the broader football community and key players in climate change action to get behind its mission of accelerating awareness of the damaging effects to the climate of a privileged few with the intention of reversing these trends.

Our collaboration is essential on the global scale to focus the corporate world on the improvements it can make and, as always, on the local scale to celebrate the infinite diversity of life and its innate ability to regenerate when given the chance. From the air we breathe to the smallest microbes supporting life in the soil. As on the football field we must play together. We only carry one ball with us and there is only one world. We must look after them both.

Keep your eye on this blog for the developments as they come. Spirit of Football Germany with students from Erfurt University (link) and Warwick University, Pledgeball (link), Rapid Transition Alliance (link), Equal Playing Field (link), sailing communities, athletes and many others are all working away already in a great extended collaboration.

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