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Spirit of Football is another world

“Spirit of Football is another world – a world full of energy, full of power, teamwork, education and creativity.”

Rana (42) English facilitator, participant

Workshop participants were taken into another world, a world far from the mundane, full of colours, action and creativity.

We were once again in Amman, this time visiting JOHUD (Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development), the largest and oldest development NGO in Jordan. Our project is financed by the German Foreign Ministry and partnered by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Participants were from all sorts of JOHUD departments, such as Mental Health, Psychosocial Support, Family Support, Coordination of Medical Equipment, Life Skills, English teachers, the Refugee Department and the administration.

Our task was to translate our Spirit values into a colourful graffito. With much enthusiasm, each participant completed his/her contribution to the large work of art in the community playground. First we transposed our six fairplay rules into everyday situations and represented them in pantomime. These positive fair-play moments were then photographed and served as models for the stencils: the life-sized pictures were projected on the wall, drawn on papaer and cut out. Everyone was especially happy to try their hand at spraying – for most of them it was the first time that they held a can in their hands and could try themselves out at this activity.

The participants learned new Spirit methods, which can be helpful for their everyday and professional tasks, along with some ice-breakers. Fairplay football and handball gave everyone much joy and positive activity.

Four days full of fun, art and teamwork now lie behind us and were a great inspiration to us and the social workers of JOHUD. The Fairplay Graffito stays and will remind staff and visitors of Spirit of Football’s visit and the values everyone agreed upon, relaying them further into the community.

“Teamwork is the most important Spirit of Football rule and the other fair-play rules help you to reach this value. […] The harmony in the Spirit team inspired us participants. It is easy for us to get in the same mood, because we do not have many boundaries. The way they take care of each other inspires us to do the same with our team.”

Eman (47) Field coordinator Child Education and Development @JOHUD


The information is gleaned from personal interviews, which were conducted by Franziska Schaper with the participants.

The 2019 Project Series is funded by

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Written by on Sunday, March 8th, 2020

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