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The Ball at the San Siro

The Ball at the San SiroThe Ball at the San Siro

We were guests of Inter Milan with tickets on the half way line in the San Siro — one of the world’s great football cathedrals.

The San Siro - a cathedral of footballThe San Siro – a cathedral of football

The Ball got stuck in the turnstiles. Christian and I were inside. The bag and The Ball were outside. The fan behind me could have simply legged it with by backpack and The Ball. But he didn’t. The Ball squeezed in with the help of a nameless Inter fan whose name we wish we knew.

“WTF?” Christian screamed, “How did that not go in?”
“He’s like a cat”, Luigi, sitting in front of us, said, referring to Julio Cesar’s incredible reflexes.

The rest of the match was spent in conversation with Luigi and his friends. A lecture in football, Inter-style followed. Indeed, replays aren’t allowed in stadiums but luckily Luigi would call his cousin after any controversial scenes. Yes, we can confirm that Calgiari’s goal was offside. Of course it was offside: his cousin, a die hard Inter fan would never have said anything else.

Andrew show The Ball round the San SiroAndrew show The Ball round the San Siro

Inter 3 — Cagliari 0

After the match, Christian asked Luigi to describe who supports Inter and who supports AC. “Intelligent people support Inter, of course. And the other team in Milan is called AC Milan. The normal part is for Inter, the remaining part… I don’t want to use any rude words… is for Milan AC.”

We think we know what you mean Luigi. Sort of…

Written by on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

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  1. sounds like you guys are having a fun trip so far! Keep on travelling Ball! looking forward to many stories of yours to come!

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