Sign The Ball and make your Climate Pledge and challenge others to do it too!

Sign The Ball and make a Climate Pledge

Pledgeball is accompanying The Ball, garnering pledges from The Ball’s signatories from kick-off and all along the way, highlighting the significant impact football fans can have through their individual choices. Together we are using The Ball to shed a light on the different kinds of lifestyle pledges that are most relevant to the fans along The Ball’s path. A global pledge list is being drawn up, kicking off new ways of thinking about how individuals can tackle climate change wherever they are.

Make your pledge with The Ball

The Ball is going on its first ever journey to a Women’s World Cup in Australia & New Zealand. Anyone and everyone is invited to sign it. Sign The Ball, make your Climate Pledge here and challenge others to do it too!

Pledge now!

The Ball aims to partner with clubs on route from London to Auckland, encouraging their fans to sign The Ball, pledge and make lifestyle changes.

Due to the popularity and diverse reach of football, fans have huge potential power, both by directly reducing carbon emissions, and by bringing about significant societal change. Just 1 million fans simply reducing their shower time to 5 minutes saves the same amount of carbon emissions as taking over 75,000 petrol and diesel cars off the road.

When you think that over 500 million fans watched the 2018 men’s World Cup final, you begin to see the potential. This is just a small part of fans’ influence however: through talking to our family, friends and clubs about the impact we can have through these everyday choices, we can encourage even bigger numbers of people to make sustainable choices, too, so placing pressure on businesses and governments to follow our lead and consider our beautiful ball (aka planet) in all of their decision-making.

The Story So Far

  • 49 Partners
  • 24 Events
  • 657,455 kg/year CO2e savings pledged