Pledge Events

Sign The Ball, make your Climate Pledge and challenge others to do it too!

Sign The Ball and make a Climate Pledge

As part of The Ball’s journey, partner organisations are hosting Pledge Events with the aim of inspiring their communities to commit to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

There are many sustainable actions which each one of us can pledge to take – ranging from washing at 30°C to growing one’s own vegetable garden to halving or eliminating meat consumption or using public transport. Like our partner Pledgeball, we understand a ‘Pledge’ as a record of the change that we are about to make which will have a positive impact on the environment.

Make your pledge with The Ball

The Ball is going on its first ever journey to a Women’s World Cup in Australia & New Zealand. Anyone and everyone is invited to sign it. Sign The Ball, make your Climate Pledge here and challenge others to do it too!

Pledge now!

You want to be part of our movement, but your organisation is not listed? Then use our ‘Meet The Ball’ event, which is open to all.

Find below a list of ongoing and past Pledge Events and make sure to register your pledge(s) so they can be added to our Map of Action.

The Story So Far

  • 57 Partners
  • 30 Events
  • 374,090 kg/year CO2e savings pledged