Roy Pitz Brewing Company

Liquid Art is an expression of craftsmanship. Our Brewmasters, with the use of barley, hops, yeast and our solar powered Chambersburg water as a blank canvas, skillfully create a balanced piece of art in liquid form. Liquid Art Brewing Company’s mission is to share a philosophy of a passionate fulfilling life, through the art of crafting quality beers, hard work, and the employment of good people.

We choose to be a partner this year as our company’s philosophy matches up really well with the mission of SoF. We aim to be inclusive and fair to everyone we work with and serve no matter of skin color or sexual orientation. We aim to help do our part to protect the environment by investing in sustainable energy like solar and by reusing/recycling products like yeast, grain and hops instead of making them into more waste or pollution. We look to give back to our community through fundraisers and donations whenever we can and recently donated and served 100s of free lunches to our community during the Covid pandemic. Ohh and we are huge soccer fans, several of us former College soccer players.