Green School Bali

Every day, Green School comes alive and inspires the community to share experiences in living and learning. At the centre of what we do is our mission statement of ‘A Community of Learners Making Our World Sustainable’. To support our mission organisationally, the management of the Learning Programme, the Learning Community and the Learning Environment are differentiated. The way in which these departments overlap supports Green School’s ‘wall-less’approach to learning. Guiding these departments are the mission, ambitions, principles and values.

Why do we partner with Spirit of Football? There are three main reasons…

Shared values: Both organisations have a similar focus on environmental sustainability, community engagement, and holistic education.

Complementary goals: Spirit of the Ball’s mission and programmess align with our vision, enhancing the educational experience or promoting social and environmental awareness among students.

Expertise and resources: Spirit of the Ball brings specific expertise, resources, and programs related to sports, physical well-being, and social development that benefit Green School Bali and our students.