Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Vietnam Office

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is the oldest political foundation in Germany. Founded in 1925, FES is named after Friedrich Ebert, the first democratically elected president of Germany. The Regional Climate and Energy project in Asia works with its partners and colleagues towards a social-ecological transformation in the region. It is based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and advocates for greater climate justice through its network in five different countries in Asia.

Vietnam is among the most vulnerable countries affected by Climate Change. In addition to that, Vietnam is facing an increasing number of environmental pollution challenges including air, water, and solid waste. Major factors contributing to these problems include rapid urbanization, accelerating industrialization, weak enforcement of the laws on environmental protection, and especially a lack of education and awareness.
Education on climate change and sustainability has an important role in role in addressing the public’s awareness and behaviour change for climate action and environmental protection. It requires an innovation approach to provide knowledge, inspire and share good practices with the public so that people can prepare and actively deal with climate risks, as well as change their lifestyle and consumption behaviour to lessen the impact on the climate and the environment.
On the other hand, football in particular is very popular for Vietnam public of all age and gender. Football game offers a new way to think about climate actions as it creates a faire play and solidarity spirit as wel as contributing to solve gender aspects and providing important life skills.
Joining the project with Spirit of Football in Vietnam, FES wants to reach beyond our bubble and use football as means to bring people together and have the urgent conversation about climate change. FES also would like to connect it with our local partner Academy of Journalism and Communication to provide them a new tangible way of convey climate change and sustainable topics.