BVB International Academy North America

BVB International Academy North America is the official youth partner of Borussia Dortmund. With more than 3000 players in North America we are proud to represent BVB and bring an intense football experience to life for our players ages 5-19. We focus on an authentic player development philosophy and methodology renowned worldwide while embracing the heart and soul of the club we love – Borussia Dortmund!

Close your eyes and imagine the possibilities if every youth organisation worldwide had the courage to lead our young players of tomorrow, to set an example of what is right and to take a stand for the good of humanity, the good of our planet and the good of all people who want only to live, be happy and have such a passion in their lives. Just imagine! Call us a kindred spirit, label us a fierce defender of the dreams of our players, and call us true to the very spirit of who Borussia Dortmund is. It is who we are and why we partnered with Spirit of Football.