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ZAGREB – Homeless Children’s Home – “The Ball” Brings Back Positive Atmosphere

Tuesday, 24th April 2018

The days in Zagreb feature under the theme of homelessness.

We are strongly supported by Ivan Vrbicky of the organisation Hrvatska mreža za beskućnike/ Croatian Network for the Homeless and Denis Maslov of the NGO MOST, standing in for tolerance, human rights and against racism, mainly looking after juvenile delinquents, helping them with homework and processes for personality building.

Childrens Home Zagreb AGM

After a marathon with three school workshop, we visit the Children’s Home Zagreb AGM (Anton Gustav Matoš) in the Selska Street. It is one of four institutions in Zagreb, which houses about 35 children between the ages of 7-17 years.

The children’s home offers a roof, food and educational help. Furthermore the care-givers try to offer a varied programme for the children’s free time such as sports activities, climbing and rambling tours. Ivan tells us, that the children are quite rough with one another, that there are often injuries during football games and that the ambulance has to get on the scene from time to time.

With our FairplayRulez we managed to create a very nice communal afternoon with no injured kids – Happy End.

Eliana C. M. Rodojević, 14 years, from Zagreb: she lived in Austria for a while and speaks good German, so that we quickly start a conversation. Eliana lived in the AGM Zagreb for 7 months, is with her father at the moment and only comes to the home to help others with their homework. About our fairplay tournament she says:

“I liked fairplay football and the fairplay rules because everyone was allowed to play. Everything was very positive, there was a good atmosphere. Your team and the music provided this positive atmosphere.”

Ivan Vrbicky of Hrvatska mreža za beskućnikee/ Croatian Network for Homeless


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