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ZAGREB – Homelessness – With The Ball To A Roof

23rd April 2018

Homelessness in Zagreb

Happy Birthday! – “With book to roof ”

“With book to roof” is a programmme of the “Library Zagreb City” for homeless people. It organizes reading afternoons, offers the possibility of using technical devices and the internet, and there is help, if necessary, with the writing of CVs, etc.

On the occasion of the 8th birthday of the programme, Sanja Bunic of the City Library of Zagreb organized a small party, to which we were invited. We didn’t at first know what to expect and were very positively surprised.

Under the roof of the library the celebration took place in a small circle with a personal atmosphere and gave us an idea of the work that had been done for the last eight years. We were able to present The Ball and did a little positive activation of the group. A few of the homeless read out loud some poetry, either their own, or such that they had a reference to.

Although we didn’t understand a word, we did indeed understand much of what was meant, emotions being transferred by the mimicry and gestures of the performers.

Some women from the library and some of the homeless sang songs with all their hearts and touched us and the others in the audience with their presentation.

Mario Rezo, one of the homeless, is happy about this programme and finds it very meaningful .

“You have the possibility of using the internet, meeting friends and receiving learning aids.”

He wasn’t always homeless. Mario Rezo now helps in various social projects on a voluntary basis.

“To help others, don’t depend on your own situation.”

He likes the sense of community and solidarity.

“I feel special to sign something that is going so far and connects so many people”

It was a very successful evening and the positive energy was felt by all participants.

It often doesn’t need much to ignite a fire – a small spark is enough.

Some tried a header, others caught the Ball with their hands, and always we got back a smile.

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