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EUPEN – Border Experiences

Eupen, 31st March 2018

In the evening we are invited to a game of the KAS Eupen. Before the game – a header by the team captains!

Next round of our media presence – the local TV, radio, press, and our film team are there.

Our first live radioshow

Benni Linse is quite nervous. He gives an interview about Spirit of Football and the Ball Journey. Martin and I accompany him. I film this exciting moment and Martin takes pictures.

BLinse on air

The guys on the field are a bit lame, in my expert opinion. SUPER Fairplay!

Which is why the radio commentator passes the ball on to us and we become part of the game! Oh dear, we’re live on air! Heart misses a beat!! I say to myself “Keep calm, breathe deep, we’ll make it!

Eupen, 31st March 2018

Interview with the cool and friendly radio presenter Christophe Ramjoie about the Spirit of Football…

What is the Spirit of Football for me?

On the one hand, for me as a football reporter it means traveling through Belgium or Germany every weekend. Getting to know nice people, colleagues, having fun with them, discussing, swearing, dreaming. Watching beautiful sport, of course. International and herein this corner of the world, in Easstern Belgium, Germany, Holland.

We speak European here, anyway.
There aren’t any borders here, really.
And that to me is a certain Spirit, which I can live here.

I myself am German, work for a Belgian radio station and comment the games of the AS Eupen. Just now I had to comment on Alemannia Aachen, amateur football, for another station.

Yes, I love it. No matter in which country you are, as soon as there is talk of football, you have a common subject – you get to know people, can discuss with them.

That to me is football! That is the Spirit, which is what football is about”.

Eupen, 31st March 2018

Late at night in a bar, we continue gathering signatures, meet young students from Eupen, who study in Berlin, Paris and elsewhere. Our task, our passion to represent Spirit of Football doesn’t even abate at this time of day…

“The Ball” gives us the opportunity to start conversations about Europe, borders and the German minority of Eupen. Jannik, what do you have to say on the subject of Europe?

“We are somewhere in between.”
„We are Belgians, living as a German minority here in Eupen, speaking German and French,
I go to work in a Belgian company.
To go shopping (i.e. televisions) we drive to the nearest large city, to Aachen, in Germany.
We are the ones who are the most dependent on a functioning Europe.“
— Jannik in the bar

One Ball !
One Europe !
One World !

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