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STONEHENGE – Today you’ll be stepping back 5000 years


20 Min for £20

5 Teamers plus camera crew are on their way 5000 years back in time. It’s raining cats and dogs – what else should we have expected in the south of England? Hundreds of people in colourful cagouls crowd in front of the mythical stones with their umbrellas – how many would there be in sunny weather?


What is the meaning of Stonehenge??

Look @ Google ;-)

Look @ Youtube Ylvis – Stonehenge

Stonhenge is registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, was built in 3100BC and is an exciting historical and mystical place steeped in many legends.

But we must continue! We dance from puddle to puddle. Make a few photos from several perspectives, a few videos, headers with the Ball, until the keeper stops us and tells us to finish!

Too bad!!!

Our feet itch, we would love to dribble the Ball through the stone formation. Somehow it looks like a bunch of giant goals!

Stonehenge: a religious temple? A burial ground? An astronomical observatory?

Stonehenge a former meeting place?!
A communication centre?
We are quite certain: this was the first football field!
One World
One Ball
One History!

There is no time to tarry, we must rush in order to catch our ferry. We dance around the puddles again. Drip! Drop! Wetnessss! We rush on and must share pictures on twitter, Instagram and Facebook… Modern times grab us and push us forward at great speed! Everyone pulls out his mobile and sends photos, messages…

Generation Homosapiens vs. Generation Y,
Generation Multi social media,

There’s one advantage to it all – meetings in a chat-room are nice and dry. You need neither umbrellas nor cagouls.

Written by & on Friday, March 30th, 2018

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