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LIVERPOOL – You never walk alone (at Anfield)

Anfield Road.
Anfield Stadium.

An inconspicuous side entrance, behind it security, politely asking us to enter. We are waiting for our visitors permits, 10 of them. All of us are super excited, really looking forward to finally enter the stadium of this cult English club. Especially Andrew Aris, El Presidente de Spirit of Football. He is a passionate fan of the FC Liverpool, also due to his mother, who was born in the city.

Even as a young lad he watched the games of the Reds. “The Reds” are his “Big Red Love”. Madeleine Walker, a friendly young woman, checks our permits. We look into the camera and smile. She prints out the permits, puts them in plastic envelopes and hands them to us on strings. She does this 9 times and everyone waits impatiently for the procedure to finish, especially the biggest Liverpool Fan alive – Andrew. He is already feverishly looking forward to the interview with Liverpool TV in Anfield Stadium and the group can hardly contain their impatience. But at the moment when Andrew smiles into the camera it goes out. Great!!!! Andrew grows pale – one can only guess at what he is going through. Another exercise in patience begins for everyone…

The old-fashioned technology has to be rebooted. Unbelievable!!! A multi-million pound football cub is more badly equipped than Spirit of Football.

Imagine. Anfield Road.
Anfield Stadium.
Andrew – You never walk alone.

And so everyone is waiting for the last member of the team to finally be allowed to enter the holy grounds Anfield Stadium. The film team of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Liverpool TV accompany us. Founded in 1892, the football club is one of the most successful in England 18 championship titles, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups, 5 European Cups and 3 UEFA Cups.

The Reds have a huge and loyal fan base.

This was shocked by the catastrophes of Heysel and of Hillsborough, which strongly affected the Liverpool followers. In the terrible accident in 1989, involving spectators in the Sheffield stadium of Hillsborough, 96 Liverpool fans were killed and 766 people injured. After these dramatic incidents, fans closed ranks and their team spirit became even stronger.

Anfield Road.
Anfield Stadium.
Imagine all the people… living life in peace… Anfield Road. Anfield Stadium.

Imagine you are in a sold-out Liverpool game.
Imagine you are a player, stepping out on the green english lawn
In Anfield Stadium the fans are singing the opening hymn at the top of their lungs.


You never walk alone.
50,000 Fans
You never walk alone.

Overwhelming. Goosebump feeling!

Andrew showed me a video and told me the story of the FC Liverpool and I could very well imagine the euphoria of these fans.

All hearts in unison.
The connecting force of football.
Fans become friends and stand by their Club.

Just as Andrew, Phil and Chris, the founding fathers of Spirit of Football, Benni the Ball Carrier, Sven, our communicator, and all of the people in our association…

For one Ball,
For one World.

Written by & on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

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