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LIVERPOOL – Jürgen Klopp signs The Ball

Jürgen Klopp has been our FAIRPLAY Ambassador since 2015. With his signature on the Fairplay-Ball, as well as with his video message, he has supported a whole series of fair-play projects, in which more than 5,000 school students from Germany (mainly Thuringia) and Jordan have taken part.

These educational projects, consisting of elements of global and intercultural learning, fair play football, theatre and art, set their mark for TOLERANCE, RESPECT, APPRECIATION, TEAMWORK and OPENNESS OF MIND.

Will there be an interview??? YES!!! There will be a 15 minute Interview with Jürgen Klopp!

On the way to the stadium the tension rises, as it is not yet clear, who will be allowed to be let in for the interview. There is talk of a maximum of 5 people. We are 10.

On our arrival in Anfield Road there is positive news: we may all take part in the interview! But not just yet. Our angel was Frank Feldmann of, who made this possible for us. THANK YOU, Frank!

We wait in front of the stadium, and time just won’t pass. We try to shorten our wait by taking photos, videos, kicking the Ball with Buddhist monks…

“What is the Spirit of Football to you?” This is what Jürgen Klopp answers to Alistair’s question:

„I have an honest answer regarding what the Spirit of Football is to me. In principle I live it every day. The truth is that as a small boy I was actually better at tennis than at football. And although I liked tennis, it wasn’t an option for me to continue that sport. To me it was always clear that I wanted to play football together with my friends. While playing football, I had the feeling that we could help each other and learn from each other and improve together in that way.”

“For me that was the best lesson in life, that I could get as a young man. Because if you had a bad day, you could still win with the help of the others. And on a good day, that was the best fun you could have in the world. I love this game, because, since I started with football at the age of 5, I’ve met so many people from many different cultures and countries, especially in hard times. I remember for instance in the 90s, during the time of the civil war in Yugoslavia, people from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia played on my team. It was in no way important to us, where anyone came from in the team. And therefore for us as a group, this war, which was taking place at this moment, was completely absurd. For us our team-players were simply wonderful people! I have learned so many things through this sport. And I think only football can convey such values to you.”

For children role models are important as a point of reference – role models such as our fair-play ambassador Jürgen Klopp.

Written by & on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

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