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Behind the scenes: Café Clock, our internet café in Fez

Our first internet café on the African continent turned out to be one of the most beautiful cafés we could hope to have spent time in: the remarkable Café Clock in the medina in Fez.

A view through a door at Café ClockA view through a door at Café Clock

Walk a short way from the medina’s Bab Boujloud — the “Blue Gate” — through the aptly named “butchers’ guzzar” presided over by the “camel” shown in a previous post, turn left into the narrowest of alleyways, then left again into a small doorway… and emerge into what seems to be a palace.

A view down on our office at Café ClockA view down on our office at Café Clock

Founded three years ago by Mike, an Englishman fed up with the drudgery of daily life in London, Café Clock now seems to be an essential stop for travellers in Fez. Mike has a keen nose for the best of Moroccan cooking and a finely tuned ear for the tales of those who pass through his establishment.

Café Clock's owner Mike listens to The BallCafé Clock’s owner Mike listens to The Ball

Thanks for your hospitality, your fantastic breakfast and your broadband. We’d have been struggling to keep up without all three. Café Clock has certainly left its mark on The Ball…

Café Clock stamp The BallCafé Clock stamp The Ball

Written by on Monday, March 1st, 2010

6 comments on this post

  1. thanks so much guys for the link. we will be posting on our blog soon.
    it was great to meet you all and good luck for the rest of the journey.
    mike and the clock team

  2. Julius Tantoh March 1, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Hallo Andrew, Hallo Christian,
    it looks like the journey is getting very interesting. Yes, that is no doubt for me because you are actually in the best continent in the world in terms of offering hospitality. As you decent it will becomes very interesting.

    There is a lot waiting for you in Cameroon. Some arrangements are already in place for you so contact Julius for final touches.

    Stay Bless guys.

    • Hi Julius, yes indeed, as you say, the journey’s only now beginning to take off. We always knew that once out of Europe we’d be immersed in the African passion for football and subject to its wonderful hospitality. That’s exactly what has happened and it’s magic.

  3. Hi Guys,
    I need to get in touch with you asap?


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