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Farewell Korea

Flags of friendship

So then, it’s goodbye to Korea… the Ball is moving on today, and there’s just enough time to write a fond farewell to a country we have really enjoyed visiting. I will miss Korea very much – the people have been generous, hospitable, and I’ve loved their enthusiasm for all things football-related.

I’ll be cheering for you on Saturday…

Written by on Thursday, June 20th, 2002

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  1. Korea will miss you, too. :)

    Take care! Farewell!!!

  2. i wish you’d be best pleased in japan~

  3. Wot – no more kimchi!

  4. So many flags flying in London. Some schools are opening at 7am tomorrow,though we’re not opening til 1/2 time.The playground at Sudbourne is united. Beckham haircuts and boots abound. Football fever has taken us by storm.

    COME ON ENGERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!Floss (4)has watched so much football with me these last few weeks and is well into it.We’ll be having breakfast in front of the TV again tomorrow,in our England shirts.God,I hope we win!!!!!It must be fantastic to be there,you lucky bastards!!!!!!

  5. It’s all right for some. Those of us in the US of A have to get up at 2.30am for our 90 mins of terror. And if we’re lucky, the match will be in English. If the sports channels are too busy showing fishing (true) or cheerleading competitions (I kid you not!), we only get it in Spanish. Argh.

    It’s only ten to five over here and already I’m sick with nerves.

  6. …..And I have to put up with Rob moaning about how he has to get up at 6.45am (poor wee thing) to go to the pub. Don’t know you’re born, you lot.

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