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Come on you England

Well, save my own nervous excitement, I am well removed at the moment from any English fervour for tonight’s game, but will be heading off shortly to an ex-pat bar in Seoul for the game and hopefully a good crowd. Could be a home from home?

Never mind the jubilee
Happy Jubilee ma’am (thanks to Limpfish for the use of this image)

I am cheered though by reports from England of mass St. George support and hope for a lancing of the Denmark dragon, which would mean we’d have to get over to Japan for the next game.

Can anyone send photos which we could put up here from Blighty? It’d be beautiful to have a little home representation.

Michael, I dare you, stick a hat-trick in.

Written by on Saturday, June 15th, 2002

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  1. 3 nil, 3 nil, 3 nil, 3 nil …. “we’re not going home” ….

    but are at last going to play Brazil a team worth watching.

    phil you best get ticketed up mate.

  2. Don’t forget Danegeld.

  3. Check out the Limpfish e-cards on my site (completely authorised).

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