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Korean taste of Senegalese victory

Korean and Senegalese
The beautiful game unites.

click here or on the image to download the MPEG movie clip

Chris adds: the Senegalese drumming turned the subway into our pre-club club… a prelude for Fat Boy Slim’s gig in Seoul tonight…

Fat Boy Slim flyer
Fat Boy Slim flyer

Written by on Saturday, June 1st, 2002

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  1. England England England June 2, 2002 at 9:48 am

    Come on the lads!

  2. The Boy Noble June 3, 2002 at 7:00 am

    Tha footage of the drummer is genius – the nod of approval from the Korean guy makes it.

    Great to hear that you made it safely to Korea with no hitches, and that you found some media coverage. Seen any games yet?

    Just a quick word from your England correspondant from here in Tokyo. After some initial difficulties – ie no accomodation, missing the first game, and sleeping at the airport, I got myself a room, followed by an England ticket (for a price) acquired at the ground yesterday, and I was buzzing.

  3. Good to hear that us professional World Cup travellers are still running to schedule. No tickets as yet for us on the Korea side, but we are following some leads.

    The Backpackers place we are staying in at the moment has a large pull down screen which is genius as we keep up to date on business on their free internet service while easing into the early stages of the Cup. At the moment though we stand to see England play only if they make it through the group stage! Perhaps we can make it over to Japan for the Nigeria game, however cash runs a little further here in Korea… so cash before supporting our home country?… or does the Ball deserve to be in each host country for an equal amount of time?

    Quite unsure myself, but I would like England to pick their game up for the Argentine encounter, and Sven, how about not taking Vassell off when he’s spinning the best tunes?

    England 4 Argentina 2 … A guess and a fervent prayer.

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