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Video: What I miss most

Izzy plays the flute for England
Izzy plays the flute for England

Izzy plays her flute in support of us and the England team.

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It’s not so easy being on the road sometimes. I miss my partner Anna and her daughter Izzy — I can’t wait to see them again. In the meantime, this little video keeps me smiling. I haven’t forgotten about your flag either, Iz…

The shrub at the bottom of the garden
The shrub at the bottom of the garden

Before I left for Germany, I’d been thinking the shrub in the picture above might be better somewhere else in the garden. Anna sent me this picture of it flowering with bright blue flowers — as she had promised it would — so I’d look kindly on it when I return. Judging by the picture, I guess it’s fine where it is — for now! ;)

Written by on Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

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  1. is that a ceanothus shrub maybe?

    in which case you can use its flowers as a fragrant wash before spiritually important events…like a major football tournament for instance

    the flowers contain saponins y’see

  2. hmm, I’ll bow to your undoubted expertise Piers… would like to think so, though it’ll only be Anna using it for now — I’m rather a long way away right now.


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