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Month: September 2005

Not the Spirit of Football

The Register is reporting that a Bogus FIFA lottery scam hits the net. FIFA has more information here. As usual, if anyone emails you to tell you you’ve won a fortune, caution is likely to be the best approach. Actually, make that downright disbelief – being hit by a meteor is far more likely… hmm, what’s that noi

Fair Play

I know it’s easy to be magnanimous in victory, but it’s great to see a different view of Wednesday’s England vs. Northern Ireland match to the hysterical media frenzy of “sack the Swede”. Mark Perryman of London England Fans posted on the LEF mailing list what Michael Boyd of the Irish FA wrote in a letter to him:

Fair play to David Beckham and the England Supporters for taking defeat so well. I thought the England Supporters behaved impeccably and there was not one arrest around the game which was arguably the biggest sporting event ever to take place in Northern Ireland. There are good relations between the England and Northern Ireland Fans and I thought both sets of supporters deserve a special mention for observing the minute silence for Colin Murdoch’s father with such dignity and respect. I was also impressed with David Beckham taking the time to applaud both the England and Northern Ireland Fans after the game. I wish England and their excellent supporters all the best for the future. England fans often receive a negative press in the media and we know how damaging and frustrating that can be. So lets hope they get the credit they are due!

As Mark says:

At least something good came out of Wednesday!

The Ball 2018 left England on 25th March 2018 and travelled to the World Cup in Russia.

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