The Ball: Football’s Olympic Torch

The Ball 2014

The Ball is a symbol of tradition, fair play and respect and a celebration of football’s capacity to bring people together all over the world.

New Model Army’s “Beautiful Game”

New Model ArmyNew Model Army dedicated the song in this video to The Ball and are donating all profits from it to our project. Buy your copy and support The Ball!

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Latest from The Ball 2018

RUSSIA live – Germany vs. Sweden: Emotional Rollercoaster

The Spirit team, with only 3 motivated players left, once more had to say goodbye to one of its members. Martin, our Brad-Pitt-lookalike, left us after 10 days of devotion and support, so that Benni and Benny (B&B) from now on journeyed alone through Mother Russia. The next stop was Sochi, a name which should […]

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A Social Ball with a Mission

The Ball 2014 was made by prisoners in a rehabilitation project called Pintando a Liberdade in São Paulo, Brazil. Watch the video to see the impact this had on the lives of those involved.

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Working with Football Clubs

Many clubs are helping us fight for equality, education and tolerance in Germany, Brazil and around the world.

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Our Education Programme

The Ball relays positive social messages at schools and NGOs through storytelling, video, slideshows and physical activity.

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