Spirit of Football

Syrian woman proudly carries Spirit of Football sign at Azraq refugee camp, Jordan

What is Spirit of Football?

Spirit of Football is an award-winning, non-profit organisation based Germany, England and Brazil that uses football as a tool to tackle the most pertinent challenges facing societies and the planet. Spirit of Football operates under three pillars of “diversity”, “respect”, and “teamwork” and focuses on:

  • Education: Fair play, integration, gender equity and inclusion projects are delivered in schools and communities worldwide.
  • International humanitarian work: Spirit of Football delivers training of trainer programmes in the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and Germany.
  • Climate action: Spirit of Football encourages sustainability and climate action in schools, communities and companies.

What is “One Ball, One World”?

We talk about unity, we talk about fair play, we talk about respect, we talk about inclusion. These are all things that The Ball represents. The slogan that we at Special Olympics Nigeria gave to The Ball: “One Ball, One World” is born out of the fact that this leather, round item can do so many things in our lives and in the community. The race may differ. The belief may differ. The culture may differ. But with this round leather there is one, there is unity, there is inclusion, there is respect.

— Adeola Oladugba, Special Olympics Nigeria Project Coordinator

Ein Ball, Eine Welt. Una Pelota, Un Mundo. Kurat Wahidat, Ealam Wahid. Mpira Moja, Dunia Moja. Bola Yimo, Chalo Chimoza. Uma Bola, Um mundo. One Ball, One World.

This call and response became our mantra for the rest of the journey to the 2010 South Africa World Cup and in each subsequent journey too.

Spirit of Football and New Model Army