RENN – Workshop : Training of Trainers 2 days in Erfurt

Workshop participants pose for a picture with The Ball during the workshop in Erfurt

Spirit of Football and RENN-Mitte (Regional Hub Sustainability Strategies) have collaborated on sustainability projects in 5 German regions since 2019. Together we have run sustainability workshops in schools, fan projects, vocational schools and companies. Spirit has often brought the fun factor and the education innovation and RENN’s experts have been able to focus on delivering their sustainability know-how.

The wider RENN Network of organisations has become a partner organisation for The Ball. Together we invited participants from the RENN Network from across Germany to Erfurt to take part in a training of trainers (on 22 and 23 December 2022) on the newly developed Football under the Climate Microscope education methods for The Ball.

Approximately 20 participants from RENN-Network organisations were trained-up over two days to be able to use the newly developed methods in their own work with a view to continuing the actions with Spirit of Football in the future in further projects across Germany leading up to EURO 2024 in Germany and beyond.

Participant, Jannis Burk, from RENN South had this to say:

Overall, I found the workshop very successful. We were able to take some things with us, especially some new tools. In the future we would like to take over elements from the workshop and also carry them out at RENN South. In March 2022 we started an online event series on the subject of sport and sustainability, we are planning to use the methods we learned here in the last face-to-face meeting of that series. We will get back to you, as we will likely need your support! Otherwise, we are open to further exchange on how to proceed strategically and nationwide, especially with regard to the European Championships (EURO 2024) in Germany.

***Until the end of 2022 our fellow pledgers from RENN Netzwerk submitted pledges that save 93335.62 kg/CO2e emissions. This is the equivalent to 373km driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle. Take your chance to become part of this incredible movement and make your pledge! Our pledge event The Ball at RENN Netzwerk will be available until the end of the Women World Cup in August 2023.

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