Fair Play Future – Playful for a Sustainable World

Sustainabiliity SDG theater is performed by pupils at the Markgraf-Albrecht-Gymnasium in Osterburg
A mixed team of Spirit of Football and Netzwerk ZukunftSachsen-Anhalt e.V (Network Future Sachsen-Anhalt) deliverd a 2-day sustainability workshop with The Ball to a class of 8th graders at the Markgraf-Albrecht High School in Osterburg Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany on 15 and 16 December 2022.
It was a bit like an early Christmas present for class 8a, when a four-man team came through the door. During the corona pandemic, there were no excursions, visits to the theater or other extracurricular activities for these students. But now they were the only class able to take part in a two-day sustainability workshop organized by Netzwerk Zukunft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., which was free of charge for the school thanks to funding from the North-South Bridge Foundation, the state of Saxony-Anhalt and the Swedish Postcode Foundation.
Together with Spirit of Football e.V., the team brought the topic of sustainability into everyday school life in an unconventional way. Under the title “FairPlayFuture – Playful for a Sustainable World”, the students got to know the 17 SDGs  (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations. It was also about finding out what is already sustainable in one’s own living environment and at school and also where more can happen.
Through the FairPlay football method, developed by Spirit of Football, everyone was able to experience at first hand what team play and fair cooperation in a group are all about. This bridge also made it clear why a better, more sustainable world is only possible if everyone chips in and helps. With theater role-plays and many small exercises, everyone was able to create their own individual connection to the topic of sustainability. At the end, all participants made a very personal climate promise, e.g. eat less meat, bring your own bags to go shopping or do without plastic. These promises were sealed with a signature on The Ball, which is traveling around the world promoting more climate protection in sport.
From the article in German written by Nadja Hagen
Sustainabiliity SDG theater is performed by pupils at the Markgraf-Albrecht-Gymnasium in Osterburg

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