Upcycling innovations in the Azraq camp – Video

Aqil built this cart to help his neighbours carry gallons of water. Some places, like the community centres, have running water, but most people have to transport gallons of water from a well to their shelters. Aqil is deaf and communicates mostly with hand gestures. Some neighbours learned sign language to communicate with him.

Necessity is the mother of invention..

..is probably how you best translate the Arabic phrase “الحاجة أم الاختراع”. This phrase came from the people living in the Azraq refugee camp themselves while we were documenting their innovations. Great examples of how you can built things such as an oven, a seesaw and an AC with little material available, or how you can grow plants and vegetables in the desert without needing soil. Check out the short video on our The Ball’s twitter page to get an overview of the inventions. The video on our Youtube page explains the innovations in more detail, subbing the Arabic explanations in English. Enjoy watching!


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