The Ball in Azraq – Fairplay & Innovations

In November and December 2022 we took The Ball with us to the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, where we shared a six-day workshop in teamwork, fairplay, textile art and upcycling innovation with our participants. The Ball joined us in playing fairplay football, teambonding and inclusion exercises, when painting on tote bags and shirts and when documenting upcycling innovations.

Learning about upcycling from people in the Azraq camp

Luckily we were able to visit some homes in the camp this year, and were able to document great sustainable inventions from the camp inhabitants. They have only little material and resources and still manage to invent great tools and create art pieces from it. The innovations range from art works and toys to carts for carrying water, a self made air conditioner and an upcycled gas heater. Hydrophonic gardening is used to have small gradens and grow vegetables without needing soil. Different ways are found to reuse and thereby save water. Click through the gallery below to learn about the upcycling innovations in the Azraq refugee camp. As we learned through our tour through the shelter homes: Necessity is the mother of invention.


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