UAE Blog: The ISPAH Ball

Exciting workshop days in Abu Dhabi

A Spirit of Football Team were invited to the UAE to run a week of workshops at the Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) Congress, 23rd -26th October 2022 in Abu Dhabi. The ISPAH Congress is the largest physical activity and health Congress in the world and ISPAH is widely recognized as the leading global society of researchers and practitioners focused on promoting physical activity across the life course. The workshops at the conference focused on:

  • FairPlay as a tool to encourage more people to play football and this to promote physical activity.
  • Gender Equality: by giving young women (mostly female university students) the chance to play football for the first time in their lives.
  • Sustainability: a pledge wall was set-up and pledges were collected by participants on The Wall as well as signatures on The Ball.
An overarching aim of the project was to build partnerships and connections for Spirit of Football and partners to be able to present The Ball “One Ball, One World” project’s learnings at COP-28 in Dubai in November 2023.

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