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A Brazilian Football Pilgrimage

Fabinhno makes keepie-uppie look insanely easy on Copacabana beach
Fabinhno on Copacabana playing keep-up
(courtesy Brazil Uncovered)

I came across Brazil Uncovered, a fantastic little blog by Doug Banks and Dan Osborne, a couple of days ago, and I’ve been enchanted reading the stories of their adventures ever since. This is how they describe their motivation for the trip:

We’re making a pilgrimage to Brazil to re-ignite our faith in football and rediscover just what made us passionate about the game in the first place. We’ll go to watch the players who can take your breath away with magical skill, meet the fans and try to find out just why it is that Brazilians live and breathe the beautiful game.

And what a trip that must have been — they find football wherever they go, and they report on it with an enthusiasm that belies the cynicism about the game than they express in the statement quoted above. I’d be willing to bet that the many people who are increasingly jaded by the antics of the professional game here in England would benefit from reading Brazil Uncovered too.

Written by on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

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  1. hi chris, not relevant to this story, but just wondering when the big kick-off was, and if you may need any extras? Very much enjoying the video clips on the site – bringing back some excellent memories. Drinks and cards? Cards and Drinks? Isn’t it?

  2. by that i was meaning when’s the game in london. it’s late. and it’s monday.

  3. Hello Tim! Glad to see The Boy Noble make a welcome return to the blog after his transfer to Manchester ;)

    Of course you’d be welcome to play at Battersea Park – it would be an honour to field our star defender once again… give us a shout!

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