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Brazil gobble Turkey

Brazilian girl films me
Camera to camera brings on the smiles

Again we have the pleasure to share a stadium with the Brazilian fans, but this time they won leaving only one game between themselves and a possible FIVE World Cup championships. ‘PENTA Campion’ rings off their lips with understandable confidence, though of course the mighty Kahn will stand between the sticks for Germany.

The atmosphere and the anticipation as we arrive the semi final.

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‘Penta Campion’ rings out here in this mpeg.

Brazil, in the Semi-Final of the World Cup, play…

…Turkey in Saitama Stadium, Japan.

Dancing Scots
The bagpipes were here… (see them played with a brazilian drummer here in this mpeg).

Brazil shaved into head
…with branded Japanese

Brazil flag with face in middle
…flagged up Brazilians…

The posing Brazilians

Phil and Chris post match
‘n’ chris and I.

The atmosphere was thick with football, Japanese fans and the ever present FIFA branding. This ‘rich man’s World Cup’ game had cost us, face value, $500 each.

Brazil crowd spells Ronaldo
Brazil crowd spells Ronaldo

Ronaldo does nothing for the first half and then scores a beauty that turned out to be the winner, then it was down the hairdressers for a quiet moan about the tension he feels from the hours he spends on computer games? Yes.

Turkish and Brazilian reconciliation
Turkish and Brazilian reconciliation

Written by on Friday, June 28th, 2002

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  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the atmosphere at the Brazil game (blimey – at a price).

    It’s now surely go to be Brazil all the way. Hopefully somewhere in the bleak Aussie outback we can find a TV – even if they do call it ‘soccer’ here. The fools.

    Samba, anyone?

  2. darren richard and miles January 22, 2003 at 10:48 am

    i like your site! i like the girls. was it good?

  3. Glad you like the site, and the girls. Was, um, what good?

    The game? Yeah, it was – Turkey and Brazil both played beautifully. The reason we didn’t do much in the way of game coverage was that at the time we were saturated with comment and analysis. Every last flicker of a player’s eyebrow seemed worthy of mention. Instead, we thought we’d keep this site relatively free of punditry.

    The girls? You’ll have to ask them…

  4. Im from BRAZIL!!

    HUHUHU penta campeao!!!

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