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Brazil v. Turkey

Phil holds the precious tickets
Phil holds the precious tickets, but his wallet is now lighter than air

Not a report on the game – mainly because it hasn’t happened yet. But when it does, we’re going to be pitchside – just scored two category one tickets…

Must dash – got a game to see!

Written by on Wednesday, June 26th, 2002

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  1. Right, done – I’m off for a haircut

  2. ….and some tasty mince

  3. Huh? What’s that about?

  4. So how many yen where those tickets?

    No football or other exploits for me for a while – i just came off my bicycle and broke my arm in 3 places :(

  5. Hey Phil and Chris. You lucky fellas. How were the Brazilian fans after the game?? Did you party afterwards??

    How are things?? Have you scored tickets to the Final?? Has Sepp Blatter sworn you two into the FIFA delagation??

    Take Care.


  6. Rob – so sorry to hear you’ve broken your arm… will try and find manga sling or something for you. Hopefully you weren’t on the canal towpath at the time?

  7. The semi was great to see – Phil is at this very moment getting the match entry ready…

    No tickets as yet, Jamie… but we’re working on it. The Big Two teams of the World Cup meet for the first time ever… in the final… Germany in with a shout of equalling Brazil’s tally… the Brazilians desperate for a penta campion… how many viewers are expected to tune in on Sunday? I forget now… only one winner.

  8. Rob – sorry to hear about the arm – disaster.

    There is no doubt that Ronaldo is referring to one of the world’s finest foods. I suspect that Ronaldo was brought up on the lovely stuff, and when not playing football is constantly snacking on bowls of delicious, hot, steaming mince. You ought to try it – might help your arm?

  9. How did you guess Chris! – I was half way along the tow path and I hit a pothole kindly left there by the council. The bike stopped dead and I managed to fly quite a distance through the air before landing elbow first :(

    Cheers for the mince advice Caz :) So happens i had a mince and onion pie last night and it worked wonders!

  10. Actually, Rob, I was just thinking to myself where I’d least like to come off my bike on the ride from yours to Jamestown or vice versa… but I think you’ll have to take it up with British Waterways, though – it’s their land, not the council’s, as you may remember from Fred’s altercation with them.

  11. I was quite fortunate. After creating a suitably movie-worthy accident scene (gratuitous blood, circle of onlookers, sun and clouds to gaze at overhead), two joggers who happened to be first aiders arrived to look after me before the paramedics came a whisked me off to happy Homerton (whose A&E ward gets the most stabbing and shooting cases in the UK I was later told!).

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