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Forza Korea!

Be the Reds!
Be the Reds!

The atmosphere in Seoul is electrifying again tonight, with seemingly the entire population working themselves into a frenzy in anticipation of tonight’s big match – everyone is uniformly dressed in “Be the Reds” t-shirts (despite the team playing in pink) and starting on the soju early. We were going to go to City Hall to see the game, but then realised that we’d only be able to see the crowds – who have been gathering there since lunchtime…

Every vantage point will by now be taken, so unless we were lucky enough to find a convenient rooftop like last time, we’d actually see nothing of the match. So we’re going to hang out and watch the game on the big screen here at the guesthouse instead, and head out later… depending on the result, of course.

The guesthoue watches itself on TV
The guesthouse watches itself on TV

Much merriment earlier today as the guesthouse was featured in the pre-match coverage on MBC. Han, the ever-helpful and smiling manager, had the lead role in the report, which showed the scenes of jubiliation here during the game against Portugal. Top moments included Rubens, a most humorous Brazilian supporter (see you in Shizuoka, mate!) dancing across the screen when the Koreans scored, and Phil singing “pilsen Korea” with Han at the final whistle.

Be the Fuschia Pinks!

Written by on Tuesday, June 18th, 2002

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  1. Well, that settles it… 2-1 to Korea… off out to join in the fun… oh, pilsen Korea!

  2. hey! How about saying “Pil Seung” instead of pilsen? :)

    As you may know, pil seung means “we must win”

    (pil means “surely” and seung means “win”)

    “oh~ pilseung Korea! Oh~ pilseung Korea, oh~ pilseung Korea! Oh! Oh! le oh le! oh! oh! oh!”

  3. Apologies for my poor Korean… I’ve never actually seen the chants written down, so I was going by sound. Anyway, I stand corrected.

    Te Han min gook!

    (hopefully correct)

  4. Dan (Á¤ ÇÑ) June 30, 2002 at 6:06 am

    we tried our best and made it to the the consalations…i say our team did the best they could and we should be proud of em

    oh ÇÊ ½Â korea!!!!! ´ë ÇÑ ¹Î ±¹!!!! GOOD JOB KOREA!

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