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The only remaining grave from 1942

I’ve been asked by some people if they could leave comments to my story about finding my grandfather’s grave. Initially, I did allow comments, but, at a friend’s suggestion (that I risked having people post frivolous or inappropriate stuff) I removed the facility.

Now I’m unsure. So I’ve decided to put the decision to you, dear readers… please cast your votes, and I’ll implement the decision when I reach China next week.

– Voting closed – comments now allowed – thanks for your votes –

As a postscript to this entry, my cousin Julia sent me this link to a site which details the history of the Polish exodus, and some of the experiences of those who were affected by it. Be warned, it is not a story for the squeamish, but if you want an idea of how my grandfather ended up buried in Uzbekistan, it’s an excellent resource.

Written by on Saturday, April 27th, 2002

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  1. Please allow us to comment…… Chris, your account was very moving and I am sure has provoked thoughts amongst your readers that would interest you and others.

  2. Yo Teds,

    Great blood thinks alike!

  3. OK… it’s next week, it’s China, and the vote stands… 10-3 in favour. Opening the entry for comments…

  4. Just a thought, but seeing as there was such a positive response to adding comments to the story, um, why is no-one actually leaving any?

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