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Travelling is grim for a homeboy, tourism is a theme pub

If it wasn’t for the carrying of this beautiful football, the games we play with it, meeting our friend Rich (I love him), the search for Chris’ Grandfather’s grave (a highly charged, sensational moment, read Chris’s version of events here), and the final delivery of our ball to the Opening Ceremony at the World Cup (if we make it), I would never have made this journey at all.

The constant movement, being so close to Chris (I love him too but the wedding’s off after this trip ends, unless someone would like to sponsor us separate rooms?!!) and mollicoddling travel agencies are driving me bananas.

Culture and vodka-based political lobbying at a traditional Uzbek celebration.

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The tourist trade seems to turn the whole world into a theme pub that tourists trawl round offering nothing in return, keeping visitors apart from the visited. If you do have something to offer in the wilds of other cultures, the wilds become tame and you are no longer a scared ‘holidaymaker’ getting a ‘taste’ of some ‘exotic’ land, but a contributor.

Everywhere is dangerous and on your own is just as safe and far more expressive. So my paranoia abates. I am honourable in my requirements and my givings and head out on my own. This in turn gives Chris and I some space (wedding’s still off darling). Fear mongering is rubbish. George Bush is another perpetrator.

—-Anyway, rant me up Scotty

Chris adds:

NOT, for example, to be found in the tourist brochures is this image of Aral Sea shrinkage from NASA.

Aral Sea shrinkage

Written by on Friday, April 26th, 2002

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The Ball 2018 left England on 25th March 2018 and travelled to the World Cup in Russia.

The Ball 2014 kicked off from England on 9th Jan 2014 and headed to the World Cup in Brazil.

The Ball 2010 left England on 24th Jan 2010 headed to the Opening Ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Ball 2006 travelled from London to the Opening Ceremony in Munich, Germany.

The Ball 2002 was carried 7000 miles across Europe and Asia to the World Cup finals in Korea & Japan.