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The Ball visits Nurafshon Bukhara FC

Bukhara FC Logo
The Nurafshan Bukhara FC Logo

While in Bukhara, we took the opportunity to visit Nurafshon Bukhara FC, who are currently lying 8th in the Uzbekistan Premier League. The visit was organised by the ever-efficient Shukhrat, who accompanied us to the training ground to meet the players and staff…

In colour, in motion, and as the dogs say in Moscow, “harasho”.

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Bukhara FC Trainer
Bukhara FC Trainer

We met the trainer, (name in cyrillic, will update when I can… sorry, my friend) who filled us in on the club’s history and current standing in the league.

Bukhara FC Assistant Trainer
Bukhara FC Assistant Trainer

His assistant kindly arranged for us to train with the team, but, all of us being well past the playing age of anyone other than a goalkeeper, we politely declined. Phil and Chris were, however, kept happily amused taking shots at the keeper for half an hour or so, until they were told that he had to do something to actually exercise his skills.

Phil and Rich, proud of their banners
Phil and Rich, proud of the banners given to them by the club.

The Nurafshon Bukhara banner

Written by on Friday, April 26th, 2002

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  1. Speak for yourself Chris… I kept the keeper well exercised, declined nothing and was only playing because I walked out onto the pitch. C U when i turn around… fancy dinner for two again?

  2. Or so you’d like to think ;-)

    Yeah, I’m hungry… how about shashlyk for a change?

  3. You: two English lads arguing over whether you should get wankered in the hotel or find a bar.

    Me: sad man at compooter 2am

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